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12. Tecnodiario PHP & Drupal code
Members: 2I am a memberI am a member
Location: Turin
Responsible: Roberto Martina <email contact>
CUCCA (Inactive)
Location: Florence
Responsible: Mario Spoleto <email contact>
Gruppo Utenti e Sviluppatori PHP (Inactive)
Location: Bologna
Responsible: Tassoman <email contact>
Hello World Php (Inactive)
Location: chieri
Responsible: Sergio Rinaudo <email contact>
Informatici Sudisti (Inactive)
Location: Torremaggiore
Responsible: Matteo Iammarrone <email contact>
Innovation Napoli (Inactive)
Location: Napoli
Responsible: Cavallaro Catello Stefano <email contact>
Nola PHP (Inactive)
Location: Piazzolla di nola
Responsible: karmine <email contact>
PHP Friuli Venezia Giulia (Inactive)
Location: Trieste
Responsible: fabio saitta <email contact>
PHP Italia (Inactive)
Location: Milan
Responsible: carlo denaro <email contact>
PHP Italy (Inactive)
Location: Verona
Responsible: Simon <email contact>
php Triveneto (Inactive)
Location: conegliano
Responsible: Francesco <email contact>
PHP User Group Friuli (Inactive)
Location: Codroipo, UD
Responsible: Stefano Maraspin <email contact>
PHP User Group Roma (Inactive)
Location: Roma
Responsible: Massimiliano Arione <email contact>
qubit (Inactive)
Location: bari
Responsible: Virgilio lino <email contact>
Svacant (Inactive)
Location: Catania, CT
Responsible: svacant <email contact>
Syncroweb (Inactive)
Location: Moncalieri
Responsible: Fulvio Ieva <email contact>
Tribewizard (Inactive)
Location: Roma
Responsible: Alberto <email contact>